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We build, develop and engineer solutions for customers and SMEs throughout the UK. We work with companies in the Space, Defence, Automotive, Medical and Scientific sectors. With over 10 years of experience and a highly qualified motivated team see how we can help you.

Engineering Services

We build custom automation & control solutions. We develop test & measurement systems. We are experts in LabVIEW software development, machine vision, and automated  testing using TestStand.

Software Expertise

Areas of Expertise - Software


LabVIEW is the core software product from National Instruments. It contains extensive support for various types of hardware and communication protocols. It can be used to create custom applications, automated measurement & automaton systems as well as data acquisition systems.

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Automated Test sequencing and management.

TestStand is an industry standard test management tool designed to allow engineers to rapidly build, develop and maintain automated test scripts.

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Veristand gives users with HIL (Hardware-In the-Loop) capability. It provides realtime stimulus & response and data logging capabilities. Realtime models created in Simulink (or other modelling applications) can be loaded and run in realtime,

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See some of our Projects

From basic control systems, to complete automation solutions ranging from days to months we've completed 100s of projects.

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Meteosat Third Generation Optical Ground System Equipment

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL)

We developed the control system used to help test the next generation of European weather satellites.


Cryogenic Control Systems

Ice Oxford

Controlling custom high performance and ultra low temperature systems which are used by leading institutions around the world.

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Hardware & System Integration

Hardware & System Integration

We are NI Alliance partners so our speciality is in delivering applications based on the NI platform of cRIO, cDAQ & PXI.

We also have experience in integrating systems using Beckhoff PLC systems and can integrate and build turnkey systems using 3rd party hardware.

From developing software device drivers, to delivering an industry 4.0 system - you can trust us to deliver.

PXI is a high performance industrial platform designed for large or high speed data acquisition and control systems. Modular cards enable reconfiguration and a super fast PXI-E backplane and industrial controller manages data and processing

Compact Data Acquisition (cDAQ) units are ideal for a modular measurement system. These units provide an ethernet or USB interface to a host controller (PC) which is used to run the data logging or control software.

There are a large number of PXI cards from a large number of manufacturers. PXI provides an unparalleled interface for data acquisition at high speeds and at a large data density. The PXI-E backplane can handle data at bandwidths of up to 6GB/s.

The cRIO platform uses the same reconfigurable modules as the cDAQ but adds a realtime controller and FPGA enabling the system to be run without the need for a connected host PC. Control and acquisition systems are deterministic enabling closed loop control systems suitable and high performance measurements.

Flex logger combines software with a cRIO or cDAQ to provide a simple data logging system. Users can generate voltages, digital signals and currents to drive actuators and control targets and set-points. The reconfigurable platform offers a large amount of control and data acquisition out of the box.

As well as hardware platforms from National Instruments we work with other leading manufactures of industrial controllers. This Beckhoff system provides high quality scalable IO with an Ethercat backbone which enables distributed synchronisation between systems and IO. We can help you choose the right controller based on your system requirements.

Beuaty Included

We develop beautiful code

Beautifully Designed

Our code framework allows us to develop complex code in a modular and scalable way. Complex queues and task interaction, graphing and data logging come as standard.

Exceptional User Interfaces

Software should look beautiful whilst being functional. Attention to detail in the design removes uneccasary distractions and clumsy user interfaces.

Designed for the Future

We fix the challenges you have now whilst helping you keep and eye on the future. We develop scalable systems which grow with your projects.

The Best Customer Service

We offer exceptional customer service, because we care. We know that things change, and that when things break you need them fixing. Read our testimonials to see more.

Some of the customers we've completed projects for include
Phil Evans

Avazia have always provided solutions to our applications in a highly efficient manner with excellent follow-up support

//Technical Specialist - Applied Photonics
James Shawcross

"You have provided critical support to our bespoke LabVIEW software and have been able to resolve problems previous vendors could not"

//Director of Quality & R&D - Accentus Medical
Michael Higlett

“Applications that have been developed have met my needs and have led to me being able to complete my work much more efficiently than before. Any issues that arose have been solved quickly and efficiently which is excellent..”

// Senior Radiation Protection ScientisT - Publich Health England (PHE)
Nick Solway

“Excellent communication throughout the project and the willingness to solve problems that arise is very much appreciated.”

// Project Engineer- Nammo
Who We Are

Meet the Team

Find out more about who we are

Henry Braithwaite
Driven by problem solving Henry is always looking for challenges and loves using lateral thinking and engineering to solve them.
Shortly after graduating from Bath in Electrical Engineering he setup Avazia as well as taking time out to lead the system integration on the Dyson vehicle program.
Naeem River
Software Lead
Naeem is the brains behind the Avazia software framework and leads the software development activities.
With a number of years in the oil and gas sector he is a master of advanced arhitectures and frameworks.

Peter Grant
Embedded Systems Specialist
Peter has a wealth of experience from Formula 1 to motors and linear drives. If he isn’t writing your embedded control systems, or increasing robustness, he’s probably climbing a mountain.
Matthew Seymour
Hardware Lead
Adding hardware expertise to the team. With a range of skills from PCB layout to electronic design & build he has a history in Automotive and sensors and is the newest member of the team.

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