What we do

We provide companies with solutions to the engineering challenges they face in their business. We develop software, integrate hardware, provide consultancy and offer ongoing support. We work with companies throughout the UK from our offices located in central Oxford.

How we do it

We have experience in a variety of industry sectors including Aerospace & Defence, Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing & Technology. We combine the brightest individuals, with the knowledge and expertise gained from over a decade of business across these sectors. We're confident we can help your company overcome its engineering challenges, reduce costs, increase productivity and provide turnkey solutions. 


We are National Instruments Alliance partners and have the highest level of qualification there is. We cover-write code and provide solutions using the main National Instruments Software packages of LabVIEW & TestStand. 


We specialise in LabVIEW & TestStand.

We are a UK NI Alliance Partner with over 10 years' experience.

Our highly skilled engineers hold the top qualifications and are independently tested by NI.


We love challenges and solving problems, it's what makes us tick. 

From a simple measurement system to a fully integrated turnkey solution we can provide you with the solutions you need. We understand engineering, we know how to work with customers, and we're not your typical software company constrained by a lack of imagination. First we ensure we fully understand the problem, then we work with you to develop the optimal solution.

We're honest too - sometimes we may think that there is a better way to achieve your goal which we can't help with, if this is the case we'll tell you. After all you're only as good as your last project and an unhappy customer is unlikely to come back - that's why our customer service and after sales support is some of the best you can get.

....Oh and we're based in Oxford but don't worry - we work with companies like yours all over the UK.


LabVIEW Development

We are experts in LabVIEW development, we've been doing it every day for years. With qualified and experienced LabVIEW Architects & Developers in the company we have the right people available to help you on your projects.

If you already know what LabVIEW is then you may already have an idea about what you want or need. Sometimes all that is required is some support and training to point you in the right direction. We help companies with a range of needs, offering anything from a few days consultancy and support, to the design and creation of full software architecture solutions.

We will define the requirements, design and then develop the software using a budget and time frame that works for you. 

Why choose LabVIEW?

LabView is usually quicker, which means it's cheaper. It's very unusual to find someone who can program in machine code now, although there was a time this was the norm. Languages like C, C++, Java or Python are brilliant and have their place, but nowadays even our phones have more memory and processing power than the PCs we used a few years ago had. Technology has moved on and so has the software. We can do the same programming in a fraction of the time using a higher level language like LabVIEW. It's the language of choice for us because it gives us the flexibility we need and means we can get more done in less time, and this means it's going to be cheaper too. 

What will it cost?

One of the most important things you will want to know is what things are likely to cost. To make this simple we outline the two main ways in which we work with the majority of our customers;

The Complete Project

For some projects you know exactly what you want and you want to know exactly what it will cost, we call this a turnkey solution.

The process starts with us working with you to clearly define the software requirements. Depending on the size of the project this is done based on a number of days consultancy, ensuring everyone is happy with the requirements is critical it ensures the project cost and schedule stay on track. We will then design the system, select the hardware and plan the software architecture, at which point we can provide a fixed price proposal. Costs are broken down and areas of risk identified along with a proposed schedule. We handle documentation, and any required certification leaving you with less to worry about.

Time & Materials

Sometimes you know what you think you want but know it's going to change as the project develops. In these cases we suggest a time and materials approach. This isn't a case of writing a blank cheque, but it gives you greater flexibility in changing details of the project as it evolves. You may wish to experiment with the performance of different hardware, or design some analysis routines based on the quality of the data etc. It may just be that you've not decided on all of the details and you wish to have closer control of the project direction and development. We can provide estimates of how long different aspects of the project will take - when it is suitable we can break down parts into fixed price deliverables but the majority of the work is done based on an hourly/daily rate. 

 We have developers at different levels, some tasks may require someone with an expertise in a particular field whilst other work may be relatively routine and suitable for a junior developer. Having a variety of levels means we can be more competitive with our pricing, you probably don't want to be paying for a LabVIEW Architect to do some basic coding when a developer has the necessary skills to do the same work.

To get an idea of our rates a qualified LabVIEW developer would cost in the region of £375 a day whilst a LabVIEW Architect starts at £525 per day.

Why we're better at Design

We constantly develop software which looks and feels amazing. Our attention to detail means you wont be left with a dull user interface. We use our creative skills to keep the software feeling intuitive and easy to use.


Not everyone has the same passion for design and software as we do and you can be left with a rather unimaginative user interface. There are plenty of examples out there if you look hard enough. 

Consultancy Services

Validation and Test

We can perform software and system test and validation, ensuring that your code meets the design standards required. This can be especially useful when you are required to code to a standard in order to meet regulatory approval. We can develop unit tests to exercise code and provide analysis reports on the performance of your code. We can advise on programming style, implementation, design and scalability as well as benchmark parts of code to consider memory usage and performance.

Independent Reviews

In a similar way to the Test and Validation service we offer we can also help your team with industry best practices and ensure you are doing things right from the start.. We've worked with many companies and seen the same things done in many different ways, some work well others don't. If you're finding it hard to keep to project estimates then it could indicate there are problems we could help with. In addition many companies are experts in 'their way' of doing things. Whilst this has some advantages it also means a number get left behind and end up becoming super inefficient and cumbersome, tasks end up costing a fortune. We will bring our industrial expertise to the table and can work with you to adapt working practices to meet your policies whilst maintaining efficiency. 


You may use LabVIEW already and would like to brush up on some skills. We have worked with companies to review their work and introduce them to new ways of programming increasing their efficiency and showing them new tricks to improve their coding. We know how to shape people into good programmers and have experience in training people to get them ready for LabVIEW certification.

In addition to standard LabVIEW training we can help get you started in some key areas which are often outside the standard NI training packages;

  • Introduction to Source Code Control in SVN and GIT
  • Cloud based repositories and hosting
  • Building executables and Installers
  • Testing and debugging using VMs
Thanks for the lightening response, it’s late there!
— G Duffy. Hiden
The interface is perfect. Easy to use and understand just what we wanted
— The Open Science Lab
...You have become an integral part of the FEIC team and I am really grateful for the non-software tasks you have taken on.... I thought the review panels’ comments on the software were excellent. They were clearly impressed with what you have achieved.
— Nigel Morris - EU FEIC Project Manager
Thanks for your continued help and advice.
— Phil Evans - Applied Photonics