Automated TesTING

TestStand is an industry standard test management tool designed to allow engineers to rapidly build, develop and maintain automated test scripts. It is a highly configurable and scaleable platform, allowing users to call scripts and integrate code in a number of languages. Advanced features in TestStand can optimise testing to run sequences in parallel reducing test time and maximising test hardware use.

Provision for automatically generating data reports in standard formats such as HTML, ASCII, ATML or XML are included in the software package, this enables developers to focus on script generation and testing rather than worrying about the low level building blocks.

Why choose Avazia for your TestStand projects? 

Our past experience with TestStand include developing test framework architectures which have been used by leading aerospace and defence companies in the test and validation of their products. Our engineers are adept in setting up test frameworks and test sequencing. Due to our well rounded experience in a variety of software solutions, we know when a project would benefit from using TestStand, particularly on larger automation systems where functionality already exists and implementation of test scripts is what is required.