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Hiden Gas Analysis interface development 

We developed new software for Hiden Analytical in Gas Analysis, helping engineers and academics around the world with their experiments and processing plants. 


Hiden Analytical based in Warrington have over 30 years of design, development and manufacture of quadrupole mass spectrometers. We were asked to develop an application for Quantitative Gas Analysis to provide users with a bespoke interface to setup and run measurements from templates.

We developed QGA which can be used in a number of fields from gas reaction studies and fermentation analysis through to use in the investigation of fuel cell reactions. After the success of our initial QGA software we developed QGA Pro. This advanced the original programme and provided a complete UI to control and run a variety of gas analysis processes, as well as handle automatic data logging and exporting.


The application required an overlap calculator which could be used to configure measurements and check if gas mixtures could be accurately resolved. In addition the software had the following requirements:

  • Allow measurements to be saved as experiment templates
  • Accommodate up to 32 gases as inputs
  • Save and load historic data for post processing
  • Have a custom engineering settings palette
  • Accommodate two detector types for analysis at different pressures
  • Display raw, corrected and normalised data
  • Accept 3rd party input sensors and scaling
  • Work with a multi-stream input allowing up to 80 different input streams
  • Display data across the streams independently
  • Custom Microsoft Excel data exports.


The QGA Pro software has been successfully running for a number of years with developments and improvements continuing to be made.  QGA Pro is also now being licensed around the world by Hiden. The mass overlap user interface has been so popular that we also developed an iPad app for Hiden to further the reach of this useful tool. We continue to work with Hiden on further developments on both QGA Pro and a customised fermentation application - QGA FT.  QGA FT has advanced features including OPC (OLE for Process Control) integration with over 1300 tags which can be used to monitor and control fermentation processes.

Used in this project


LabVIEW, Report Generation Toolkits, OPC, DSC


RS-485, RS-232, TCP/IP, USB, OPC


Custom device hardware, flow meters, pressure monitors, temperature sensors, CO gas analysers


Software lifecycle management, software product branching, OPC and industrial control, detailed analysis for improvements and integration.

  The spectral overlaps for Methane taken from the NIST library

The spectral overlaps for Methane taken from the NIST library

 QGA Pro Launch screen

QGA Pro Launch screen