The PXI Hardware Platform

PXI is a rugged PC-based platform for more complex measurement and automation systems. 

Timing & Synchronisation

Timing and synchronisation is one of the key features of the PXI systems. The PXI Chassis has a dedicated 10MHz internal clock though this is increased to 100MHz in a PXI Express system for more advanced timing. The PXI systems also provides several synchronization methods through advanced triggering and signalling technologies.

NI PXI Chassis with lots of modules


The PXI systems uses PCI and PCI Express communication buses to achieve fast communication with all its controllers and modules. The PCI bus achieves a peak bandwidth of 132 MB/s while the PCI Express bus can achieve an increased bandwidth of 24 GB/s across all channels. This is required when using the latest Frame Grabber cards or running the latest high speed DAQ cards.

A Vast Selection of Controllers and Modules

To adapt to any project giving you the best performance to meet your needs you can select from 3 different controllers and more than 450 modules.

  • You can select a embedded controller if you need to develop an entire system contained in the PXI chassis with no need for an external PC.
  • To remotely control PXI systems you can select a remote controller. The rack-mount controllers are optimised for the PXI systems providing high level processing and high data storage capacity.
  • To meet your project's needs you can select from many modules such as CAN, Digital I/O, GPIB, Industrial Network Interfaces, Motion Control Multifunction Data Acquisition, RF, Serial, among many others.