Accentus Medical


Accentus Medical is a leading developer of advanced surface technologies, coatings and treatments for the medical industry. Based in Harwell, Oxfordshire the company has a novel surface modification technology which can be used in medical implants to prevent deep-seated infections. In this process called Agluna®, silver is ‘stitched’ into the titanium surface in the form of positively charged ions. Part of this processing technique is controlled by a LabVIEW based application to control and monitor the processing plant.


Accentus Medical got in touch when they were experiencing some difficulties in their existing LabVIEW control application which had been developed by a 3rd party. During the developmental process control, abnormal behaviour was observed, preventing the plant from operating reliably. Despite working with the original software providers for a number of days a solution had not been found and an approaching deadline was drawing near.

Medical implants treated by the Agluna® process included hip joints

Medical implants treated by the Agluna® process included hip joints

Medical implants treated by the Agluna® process included hip joints

Due to the urgency of the situation we were able to be on-site within a few hours of being initially contacted. Within a further few hours of working through the code we were able to identify the issue and put in a temporary fix, something which enabled them to continue with their developmental testing.


After our initial success in being able to identify and fix the issue so quickly we have been on hand to support and maintain the 3rd party software whilst a new process control system was introduced. Over a period of months we were available to come on-site to add new features and patch their existing system enabling them to meet their required project deadlines.

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Hardware & Interfaces

Agilent USB DAQ, water baths, voltage & current logging


Advanced troubleshooting and diagnostics, consultancy,  managing and maintaining process uptime, LabVIEW programming