Our LabVIEW architects

We specialise in custom LabVIEW development and LabVIEW programming. All certified LabVIEW Architects and Developers at Avazia have years of experience in delivering bespoke software at the highest quality.

About LabVIEW Programming

LabVIEW is the core software product from National Instruments. Designed for engineers it contains extensive support for various types of hardware and communication protocols and is designed to make use of multi core machines and hyper-threading.

We've been developing LabVIEW applications for over 10 years, watching it develop from LabVIEW 7.1, one of the first versions we started to use. Since then, many new features and improvements make it such a great measurement and control system to use in engineering projects - the introduction of projects, native OO (Object Orientated) programming, as well as embedded tool kits, FPGA modules and a large number of additional features, optimisations and coding design patterns.

When to use LabVIEW

LabVIEW is designed to be developed by engineers for end users and consumers. The off the shelf functions and blocks reduce the amount of time spent re-writing IO interfaces and mathematics and measurement functions. Instead a developer can get on and do the value added programming that is required. 

LabVIEW applications are used in:

  • Data acquisition
  • Measurement systems
  • Control & automation systems 
  • Machine vision systems 
  • Real-time control systems

Why use Avazia for your LabVIEW projects

At Avazia, we deliver scalable, maintainable software at the highest quality. We often see overly complicated solutions that a non experienced developer has implemented because they've failed to fully understand how the system will work. Years down the line this code becomes very hard to maintain. At Avazia, we ensure we develop effective solutions that are not over engineered and remain easy to maintain by your existing or new team members. Our vast experience with LabVIEW software enables us to create and code streamlined engineering systems that are scalable and maintainable.