Frequently Asked Questions

Can we get a copy of the LabVIEW source code?

Yes, we will happily provide you with the source code at the end of the project.

Do we need a LabVIEW licenCe?

LabVIEW requires a free runtime licence to operate - it works in a similar way to JAVA in this respect. Once this is installed then your LabVIEW applications can be used. We provide an installer with everything you need to get going. There are a few specialised tool-kits which require additional licences however we try to avoid these and will always let you know if they are likely to be required.


Our project rates vary based on the complexity and level of the project. Our LabVIEW developer day rates begin at £400 a day. Get in contact with us so we can learn more about what you need. 

I have an application written in an older version of LabVIEW, can you update it?

Yes. National Instruments issue a new major version of LabVIEW every year and compatibility between versions is +/- 2 years. We can help keep your projects, drivers and code up to date to ensure that you won't be left behind.

Are you part of the National Instruments Alliance Program and what is it?

Yes we have been part of the Alliance program for over 9 years. The Alliance Partner Network is a network of more than 600 companies worldwide who provide complete solutions and high-quality products based on National Instruments solutions. Covering products, systems, integration, consulting and training services, Alliance Partners are uniquely equipped and skilled to help solve some of the toughest engineering projects.

We're happy to develop our own code, but it would be good to check we're doing it correctly. Can you help?

Yes. We have worked with many companies to provide consultancy and advice. From a formal code review undertaken by one of our LabVIEW Developers or Architects to hourly support we can use our expertise to help you when you are stuck or provide guidance to validate that your code is being developed as it should be. 

Do you outsource any work?

We do not outsource your work. On occasions we may work with other Alliance partners in the UK to collaborate on a project together though this is done with consent and usually from the start of a project.

What geographical regions do you cover?

We work across all of the UK and have clients from North Yorkshire to the South Coast. We are flexible in the way that we work to maximise efficiency and minimise the impact on your business. If mutually preferable, development can be done from our offices, however if we need to work closely with your equipment on site then we can do this. 

Can you fix a problem remotely?

We use leading remote desktop support software powered by Techinline and can log in to your computers remotely (with your permission of course!) to have a look at the problem or fix code remotely.  All the sessions are fully encrypted using 128-bit SSL technologies and you won't need to adjust any ports or security settings. 

Where are you based?

Our offices are based in Oxford on the Osney Mead industrial park, it's a 10 minute walk to the train station and town.

Other companies have Gold or Platinum Alliance member status- does this make them better?

Probably not. The Alliance levels are based on a number of criteria including hardware sales per year, size and product offerings. We have some of the best developers in the country working with us, a wealth of real-world experience and a lot of very satisfied customers...