A few examples of our past projects

Cryogenics - ICEoxford

Software re-design and control and monitoring of a magnet for a leading cryogenics company. Software used: LabVIEW, Perforce, third party drivers.

Gas Analysis - Hiden Analytical

Development of applications for gas analysis covering gas reaction studies and fermentation analysis through to the investigation of fuel cell reactions. Software used: LabVIEW, Report Generation Toolkit, OPC, DSC.

Telescopes & Satellite test -  ALMA RAL Space

Automate control project to test the world's largest telescope. Part of a global team on a billion dollar project. Software used: LabVIEW, MATLAB, GOOP, Perforce, JIRA.

Laser Safety & Optical Measurements- PHE

Application to support the HPA/PHE in classification of laser and optical measurements and ensure crowd safety at major concerts and shows.