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Software & hardware solutions.

Software we work with:


All Avazia engineers are qualified by National Instruments and all code is overseen by highly experienced LabVIEW architects. LabVIEW is the core software product from National Instruments. It contains extensive support for various types of hardware and communication protocols and is designed to make use of multi core machines and hyper-threading. 


We have worked on high profile TestStand projects in various sectors. TestStand is an industry standard test management tool designed to build, develop and maintain automated test scripts. It is a highly configurable and scaleable platform, allowing users to call scripts and integrate code in a number of languages.


Hardware we work with:


The cRIO system is a rugged form factor which incorporates a real-time controller with a Xilinx FPGA to give a high performance reconfigurable system. 

cRIO is ideal for safety critical system or when high speed deterministic data acquisition is needed. Being a stand-alone platform removes the need for a user PC in the system.


CompactDAQ (cDAQ) is a rugged IO platform designed for data acquisition and control. It is a portable and modular system comprising of standardised plugin modules and sensors which reside in a reconfigurable chassis.

It's an ideal hardware platform to use for general IO being controlled for a users PC.



PXI is a rugged PC-based platform for more complex measurement and automation systems. Timing and synchronisation is one of the key features of the PXI systems as well as using PCI and PCI Express Communication and Power and Cooling features designed for high performance applications.

PXI is used when the highest performance hardware is required. It combines a standalone high performance PC with a large number of data acquisition options.