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Passion. Experience. Diligence.

What we do

We write code and provide solutions using the main National Instruments Software packages of LabVIEW & TestStand. From a simple measurement system to a fully integrated turnkey solution, we can provide you with the solutions you need.

We're a team of problem solvers, passionate about finding innovative and efficient ways of working.  We ensure we fully understand the challenge you face, then we work with you to develop the optimal solution.

Our expertise

We have experience in a variety of industry sectors including Aerospace & Defence, Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing & Technology. We combine the brightest individuals, with the knowledge and expertise gained from over a decade of business across these sectors. We're confident we can help your company overcome its engineering challenges, reduce costs and increase productivity. 


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Our management team


CEO & Founder

Henry Braithwaite

After graduating with a degree in Engineering with Communications from Bath University (UK) in 2004, Henry supported a start up focusing on energy management. Following this, he set up Avazia in 2007 and has been running the company ever since. Henry is a strategic thinker able to analyse complex problems and find innovative solutions to companies' engineering challenges. 




Jorge Lima

Jorge is an experienced LabVIEW engineer who joined Avazia in 2015.  Jorge graduated in 2014 from Universidade do Minho, Portugal, with a Masters in Systems Engineering and has a degree in Software Engineering. Jorge has a deep interest in finding the best software solutions for complex engineering systems.



LabVIEW Architect & Non-executive director 

Naeem Datardina

Naeem rejoined Avazia in 2017 as a non-executive director. Naeem first worked with Avazia back 2010 when he joined as a LabVIEW developer quickly achieving a number of qualifications and eventually leaving to work in distributed fibre optic sensing. 

Naeem brings a number of skills to the team having worked on many large and complex projects and has a wealth of programming experience which includes JavaScript, Node.js and C++.